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Challenger 2 Streamliner

Mickey Thompson was born in the "Roaring Twenties" and developed a passion for speed early on. Working as a "pressman" for the Los Angles Times he accumulated enough money to get into drag racing and is known as the first to create the "slingshot" dragster in 1954 by moving the driver's seat behind the rear ...

Zastava Arms AK Sporting Rifles

The Semi-Automatic as a Sporting Rifle I didn't use to think that a semi-automatic was a particularly desirable choice for a hunting rifle. I'd had a semi-automatic shotgun and spent some time using a Ruger .44 Magnum semi-automatic carbine, but finally settled on bolt action rifles and a side-by-side double barrel shotgun, although I did also ...

The Austin A90 Atlantic

To Build a Car Americans Would Love The Austin A90 Atlantic was Britain's plan for a car for America. This was to be the car that would take the United States by storm and become a "must have" fashion icon. There was just one teensy weensy little problem with that, the Americans didn't want it. What was ...

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