Timbersled Mountain Horse

In the winter time when the snow is fresh powder and you would like to go out on your dirt bike and have some fun in the woods but your dirt bike can’t manage the deep snow powder then there’s no need to despair. You don’t need to go out and buy a new snow bike. You can buy a kit to convert a dirt bike into a jaw dropping snow fun machine.

Timbersled make conversion kits for turning off road bikes into snow bikes for different uses, but the one that is for the “go where no bike has gone before and leave a trail” person is the Mountain Horse. To catch a glimpse of why you might just want one have a look at the following video.

The Timbersled Mountain Horse installation kits are available for a range of bikes. To find out if yours is listed go to the install kits page of their website by clicking here. You can enter the make and model of your bike and see if they have an install kit for it. If your bike is not listed Timbersled invite you to e-mail them. You will find their e-mail contact page if you click here.

Timbersled Mountain Horse-2

So if you’re living in a part of the world where this is snow season, and you may have already discovered that skiing is the closest thing to flying on snow then think again, because a Timbersled Mountain Horse might just be more excitement than that. And, as an added bonus, you get to spend time in the workshop tinkering around installing the kit in the first place.

You’ll find Timbersled’s home page if you click here.

Timbersled Mountain Horse-3

(All pictures courtesy Timbersled)

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