TRECOL 6×6 39294 All-terrain Vehicle

Imagine you are out in the midst of Central Asia, racing across the landscape in your off-road vehicle in search of an elusive and exotic quarry: and that in your travels you encounter a frozen river that your guide assures you is safe to cross. So, taking your guide’s word for it, you drive out onto the frozen river making for the other side when suddenly the ice beneath your tires breaks and you feel your vehicle falling into the icy river. There are two possible outcomes for this experience; a happy one, or a “Titanic” one. If your vehicle is a conventional four wheel drive then you are most likely bound for a “Titanic” outcome, and the exotic quarry you were hoping to acquire will never grace your trophy wall. If on the other hand your vehicle was an amphibious Trecol 6×6 all-terrain vehicle, then you will float safely across the icy river and drive up on the other side to continue your hunt.

Trecol 6x6 amphibious 39294 all-terrain vehicle

The Trecol 39294 is an amphibious 6×6 so it can negotiate rivers and lakes and the associated mud.

Many of you reading this will have done water crossings in your four wheel drive: and if it had carpet you will quite likely have seen the carpet begin to float as the water level comes up above the cabin floor level. When doing a water crossing we normally walk it first, especially if there is no depth marker, or if the crossing is not concrete and may have been washed away. But with a vehicle like the Trecol 39294 you can be confident that your truck will float. Although that being said a truck that floats can still be carried away by a fast flowing river and washed over the next set of rapids or waterfall.

Trecol 6x6 amphibious 39294 all-terrain vehicle

The Trecol 39294 has been designed for extreme off-road driving: but is capable of being used on the highway also.

The Trecol 39294 comes from Russia, and Russians make things to be tough and practical, just think AK-47, one of the toughest and most practical military rifles on the planet. The Trecol 39294 comes from the same nation and has been created to go where no Land Rover could possibly go, and to provide a decent measure of comfort whilst going there.

Trecol 6x6 amphibious 39294 all-terrain vehicle interior

The driver’s cockpit is comfortable and ergonomically well thought out. This is a vehicle in which you should be able to do a long haul and not suffer from a painful case of the “numb bum” syndrome.

The suspension system of the Trecol 39294 features beam axles but with plenty of travel. An integral part of the suspension and amphibious capability of the vehicle are the tires which are run at extremely low pressure but which spread the load of the weight of the vehicle so effectively that the car is demonstrated driving over a man’s body without doing him any damage.

The video below (courtesy NEFTEGAZTV) demonstrates and explains how this is possible.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for the Trecol 39294 all-terrain amphibious vehicle

Technical Specifications for the Trecol 39294 courtesy Trecol.

The Trecol 6×6 comes in a number of models including a dedicated ambulance model. Dealerships exist in Russia, LTA countries, Kazakhstan, Iran, Lebanon, and the European Union.

You will find further information and details of Trecol’s full model range at their English language website if you click here.

You will find the Trecol catalog in English if you click here.

Trecol 6x6 amphibious 39294 all-terrain vehicle

The Trecol 39294 features a well insulated reinforced fiberglass body to ensure it can be used in temperatures from -45°C to +75°C. (Picture and technical data courtesy Ultimate Fahed).

The Trecol 39294 is one of the more outstanding off-road vehicles available. Prices of models are listed on the Trecol website and the catalog lists contact details of dealerships for serious inquiries. It looks like a vehicle that we could get some serious use out of. How about you?

Trecol 6x6 amphibious 39294 all-terrain vehicle

(All images courtesy Trecol except where otherwise marked).

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