Remington 1903 Sniper .30/06

Over at Cabela’s is a Remington 1903 Springfield rifle in 30/06 that is described a “Remington All Original 1903 Sniper” rifle in 30/06. The rifle is fitted with an F.W. Fecker rifle-scope, and USMC target rifles were equipped with Fecker rifle-scopes for their shooting teams. The rifle also comes supplied with a USMC Sniper Score Book From 1944.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-7

A potential buyer of this rifle would need to carefully check it, including checking for matching numbers. The asking price is USD$16,999.00 which is a lot of money for an old Springfield even if it is fitted with an original J.W. Fecker rifle-scope. So a thorough evaluation, preferably by someone who really knows what they’re looking for would be essential in establishing the credentials and value of this piece.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-8

J.W. Fecker is famous both for his rifle-scopes which were pioneering and of the best possible quality. He is also well known for his other optical work. J.W. Fecker serial numbered his rifle-scopes. He is mentioned on the Butler University website if you click here. There is information on that page in summary form on the broader range of his optical work.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-10

J.W. Fecker’s rifle-scopes were similar to the Unertl but featured a unique parallax adjustment system that give them the characteristic bulge in the center. This adjustment system made it easy for a rifleman to do his/her adjustments from a shooting position. You will find a good article on the J.W. Fecker rifle-scopes such as fitted to this sale rifle with instructions on how to do the adjustments if you click here.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-6

J.W. Fecker made his own mounts for his rifle-scopes of Duralumin and the sale rifle looks to be equipped with these.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-3

Rifles made for the USMC shooting teams had a polished bolt handle, however rifles that were for active service as sniper’s rifles reputedly had the bolt handles blued to make them less reflective. So the sale rifle fits with the general description of one that was set up for a sniping role. There should also be a small star stamp on the muzzle.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-11

The only way to be sure of this rifle is to have it evaluated by someone who is an expert on these rifles. There have been many fakes put up for sale in the past. The rifle and rifle-scope in this case look well worn and look as if they have been professionally put together. So this rifle may be genuine, but only expert examination could verify that.

If you would like to view this piece on the Cabela’s sale page click here.

If it is genuine then it will be valued in the five figure bracket. Expert evaluation will determine the value.

Remington 1903 Sniper .30-06-9

(All pictures courtesy Cabela’s).

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